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LeRoy Market Earlybird Weekly Flyby 6/23/12

Greetings all,

We’re at that in between season; too early for many of the most favored farmers market standbys like peppers, corn and tomatoes—too late for most spring goodies. Still, you’ll find plenty of reasons to come to the ‘village green’ this Saturday.

Goods and Produce Currently Available

One confirmed Flea Market vendor.

The Erving Miller Family: Cheese, Cookies, Preserves, Pumpkin Rolls, Syrup, Cinnamon Rolls, Breads, Pies And Granola.

Found in The Woods: Rhubarb, Marigolds, Dried Herbs, Wild Onions .

The Plump Pumpkin: Bar Soap-$5, Fresh Ground Peanut Butter-$8 pint $16 qt., Almond Butter-$9 pint $18 qt.

Don Welch: Wood Crafts.

And much more.

Upcoming Events

Don Welch, one of our vendors, will be under the big tent demonstrating his skill at woodworking. 


Recipe(s) of the Week



One of the reasons I wanted to create this blogspot was to share recipes from other blogs. Cooking and serving a wide variety of food can be a fairly harmless way of keeping life interesting. Enjoy these bean recipes (and the accompanying, interesting and musical story) from fellow blogger Texana of Texana’s Kitchen. http://texanaskitchen.com/2012/06/21/beans-beans-the-musical-fruit/

See Ya, Brian