Earlybird Weekly Flyby for 7-14-12

No market this week?!?  What does Razzasque Days have to do with it?  

One might think that with a thousand visitors to town, the market should do well, but no. On the two occasions we’ve tried it, the three conclusions most obvious were that; one, the mass focus is on a different atmosphere, boisterous and celebratory; two, you can only stretch a dollar bill so far; and three, if we don’t support Razzasque Days . . . if we don’t spend a little money there, we could lose this wonderful celebration. 

Razzasque days–a.k.a.; Razzmatazz Daze, Razzle-Dazzle Days, Chuck Cool’s Birthday. However you say it, it means a lot of good memories for a lot of good people. 

Horseshoes will be where the market would be. Come into town on Friday for a schedule of events. There’s something for everyone. I hope they have the chili cook-off again. See you there? 

Granted, a week off in mid-July is not the best timing for us market folks, but our vendors realize that they could rent booth space up town if they wanted. We’ll be back on the lawn in full swing on the 21st of July. 

All for now, Brian

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