LeRoy Market Earlybird Weekly Flyby 7/7/12

 Greetings all–with flowers,

            It’s been a long day so this is going to be short and, well, short. I just pulled the recipes off my computer (old favorites, but maybe not seasonally sensitive—so save them until you need them).

            And if anyone has extra flowers, bring ‘em on in, and learn how to make beautiful bouquets with Sandra Harris.      

Goods and Produce Currently Available       


Lettuces (Photo credit: AlyssssylA)

New Vendor—Harvest Village: Blueberry Jam, Veggies.

The Erving Miller Family: Cheese, Cookies, Preserves, Pumpkin Rolls, Syrup, Cinnamon Rolls, Breads, Pies And Granola.

Found in The Woods: Rhubarb, Marigolds, Spinach, Lettuce, Radishes, Fresh and Dried Herbs, Cattail Tops, Wild Onions & Broccoli.  

The Plump Pumpkin: Bar Soap-$5, Fresh Ground Peanut Butter-$8 pint $16 qt., Almond Butter-$9 pint $18 qt.

Brenda and Wendy: Jewelry, Cookies and House Plants.

Margo Andrews: Glass garden art with solar lights, all different.  Also have garden flower plates price range is from $7.50 to $35.00. I will also have handcrafted Polymer Clay buttons. Prices range from $1.00 – 1.50.  I do take special orders.

And much more of course.

Upcoming Events

Sandra Harris                                          Floral Arrangement Remember          No Market  7-14-12      Razzasque Days           

Recipe(s) of the Week

Here’s the Beef (heart and tongue, pickled)                                               1 beef heart (cut into 4 pieces)/1 beef tongue                                        water to cover meat                                                                                    1 tablespoon salt                                                                                          2 cups dark vinegar                                                                                     3/4 cup water                                                                                       pepper                                                                                                         1 teaspoon salt (If you prefer, you can add more to taste)                         1 Tablespoon pickling spice

Cook heart meat in salted water approximately 1 hour or until done. (If you are using tongue, it will need to cook about 1 hour then you will need to peel the skin off the tongue, then cook the tongue an additional 2 hours or until it is done) Drain, cool, and slice the meat. Pepper the meat generously. Combine vinegar, water, salt, and pickling spices and pour over the peppered meat. Bring to a boil and cool. Let it set overnight and eat. If you don’t think you will eat it within a week, you can freeze it.

The following is for pickling venison heart. It would also work for beef, goat, pork etc.

Wagner’s Pickled Hearts                                                                             – 2 hearts                                                                                                      · 3 cups water                                                                                              · 3 cups cider vinegar                                                                                   · Salt & Pepper                                                                                              · Granulated garlic                                                                                        · 3 cloves garlic (more if you’re a garlic lover)                                             · Onions, sliced                                                                                            · 1 tbsp. pickling spice (cloves removed)  

Wash hearts thoroughly to remove all blood. (Hearts that have been damaged in any way should not be used.) In a pot, simmer two cups water, one cup vinegar and add salt, pepper and granulated garlic to taste. Submerge hearts in mixture, cover, and simmer for 45 minutes. Test hearts at the end as you would potatoes (jab them with a fork, and if the fork penetrates without pushing in the outer skin, the hearts are ready.)

When the hearts are almost done, mix two cups vinegar and one cup water and bring almost to a boil. Shut off heat when mixture begins to “roll”, because if mixture actually begins to boil, the “bite” will be taken out of the vinegar.

After hearts are cooked, slice them up while they are still piping hot. Thickness is a personal choice, but hearts will pickle quicker if sliced thinner.

In boiling water, sterilize a one quart pickling jar and lid.

Into the bottom of the jar put one teaspoon salt, then a layer of sliced onions, followed by a layer of sliced hearts. Add a sprinkling of sliced garlic and pickling spice. Continue layering onion, heart, garlic and pickling spice until the jar is packed tightly.

Fill jar to the top with hot vinegar/water mixture, then seal jar. Place filled jar in refrigerator for three days at room temperature. After three days, hearts should be ready for consumption. After you open the jar, it should be kept refrigerated. Makes 1 quart.


See you Saturday, Brian

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