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Announcing our new, lightning fast, easy as pie, static free, system for informing those who have asked to be informed.  (Did I mention high-tech?) It’s a blog.  WordPress offers free weblogs, and it’s got all the features to do what we wanted, plus some.

During market season, blog followers will receive a weekly (in season) e-mail with such timely info as:

  • what’s in season (participating vendors will tell us what they’ll have)
  • upcoming events (music, demonstrators etc.)
  • the recipe of the week
  • the most current news in the Farmers’ Market world, and more.

Off season posts will be much less frequent.

Speaking of farmers: when we refer to posts, on the farm they mean one thing—on a blog, a post is this thing you are reading.

One nice thing about this system is that the record is permanent . . . as long as the web survives.  It’s not resident on someone’s personal computer, hostage to the threat of viruses or hard drive failure.  Another nice thing is the ‘comments’ feature, which can keep old ‘posts’ current with new and applicable information.

As we go, we may find new ways to use this technology.  So if you ever have suggestions, pray tell. For instance, the idea for a LeRoy Farmer’s Market cookbook may finally come to completion through these efforts.  Also, why not offer early delivery of our monthly newsletter as a PDF?

Oh, one more thing. The Earlybird is just a figure of speech.  It’s not like Geico’s talking gecko.  Such creatures are nice—nice and pricey.  However, if it were a live bird, think carrier pigeon.  Which it would be, if not for the Internet.  Now wouldn’t that be cool?

See you soon, Brian Cool. Market Master, LeRoy Farmers’ Market

LMEB — Test Post

Current LeRoy Farmers’ Market manager Brian Cool of LeRoy, Michigan maintains this site. It is provided to promote communication between vendors, visitors and market staff.